Whether you need a fully-sculpted vehicle like the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, a van modified with sculpted props like The Yarn Bus, or a vehicle that contains interactive displays like the GORE-TEX Mobile, we have the expertise to match your vision with an accurate budget.

Based on an idea, product, or concept, Prototype Source will develop sketches for review and approval.

During the sketch phase, how the vehicle is to be used to engage the public will be an important consideration. Whether it requires video screens, interactive displays, or audio systems will all be factored in.  This criteria will help determine the design and type of chassis for the vehicle.

Once the final concept sketch has been selected, a scale model is often created to provide clients with a tangible, three-dimensional representation of the actual vehicle to be built.

When all the parameters of the project have been finalized and approved, the team at Prototype Source will get right to work on the fabrication the vehicle.

Project completion times vary depending on the complexity of the productmobile. Prototype Source will provide completion estimates to the client during the initial planning and budgeting phase of the project.

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